We can keep your boat protected.

Lets face it, our vessels are constantly facing the elements. Sun, wind, rain, dust; they are always around our boats and they all can damage surface layers just as hard as physical particles to paint, wax, fiberglass and metal over time if not cared for. Regular cleaning and upkeep provides a constant application of protectant layers to reduce the possibility of damage and prevents surfaces from being damaged over time.

We can keep your boat clean.

Cleaning your boat regularly removes dirt, grime, and aquatic hitchhikers that can otherwise damage the surfaces of your boat. Some of those things we also don't want to remain on our vessels are spiders, flies, and bird droppings. All this is unsightly and causes corrosion of your beautiful vessels surfaces.

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We can keep your boat safe.

Regular boat washes keeps corrosion buildup and progression, damaging metal and fiberglass surfaces. This keeps the material surfaces from being pitted and eaten away, weakening boat structure over time. Not only fiberglass and metals, painted and wood surfaces are also prone to this type of damage. 

​We can answer that for you.

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Why is it important to keep your boat clean when it is already on the water?

We can keep your boat looking great.

We all want our vessels to feel like they are brand new, right? Boat washes and detailing with regular application of protectants restores the bright polished shine keeping them looking as they did the day you first bought it.